Why dive with TADSAC?

TADSAC is a British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) affiliated club (# 667).
BSAC is the UK's leading dive club and is the sport's national governing body, providing an internationally recognised diver training and development programme via a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas.
For a full breakdown of BSAC Member benefits, please refer to the Membership Handbook.

TADSAC own 2 fully equipped dive RIBS (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats):-
5.8m Humber with a single 90HP engine
8.3m Leeway with twin 150HP engines

Owning our own vessels offers the flexibility to dive where we want, allowing access to sites off the beaten track.
Both Ribs are stored near to home. This increases security, saves on storage costs, and allows quick access for maintenance or to take the RIBS West or South for diving.

The club has 4 BSAC Open Water instructors, and 2 Assistant Instructors, meaning there's (almost) always someone available for training in the pool, or at the quarry.

If you are interested in learning to dive, or would like more information, please leave a message on the Contact Us page, or call down on a Tuesday night for a chat.

We offer 2 try dive sessions in the swimming pool, where you will be given 1 to 1 tuition with an Instructor. Cost for the 2 sessions is £10.

Should you decide to join the club, the £10 will be deducted from your first years membership.

Hello, and Welcome to the Torfaen & District Sub Aqua Club Website - TADSAC

We are a small, but friendly SCUBA diving club based in Pontypool, who have been training divers to safely explore the underwater environment since the 1970's.

We meet for pool sessions at Pontypool Active Living Centre every Tuesday from 8 - 9pm, followed by a pint at the Hanbury Inn, just around the corner.

We welcome anyone with an interest in learning to dive, as well as divers qualified with other agencies.

The club organises regular dives around the UK, weather permitting; as well as an annual dive trip abroad.

What is Scuba diving?

SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. It is an abbreviation used to describe the use of equipment that allow divers to remain underwater for longer than the capacity of their lungs allow.

A basic Open-Circuit SCUBA set up comprises of the following equipment:-

  • Steel or Aluminium cylinder filled to a high pressure with air or a mixed breathing gas.
  • Regulators - 2 Stage regulators used to reduce the high pressure in the cylinder to a safe level that can be used by the diver.
  • BCD (Buoyancy Compensation Device) - A jacket worn by the diver which supports the cylinder, and provides buoyancy adjustment to the diver by inflating or deflating an internal bladder with air.
  • Mask - Allows the diver eyes to focus correctly underwater, and to equalise the pressure on the ears and sinus.
  • Fins - Allow divers to propel themselves underwater.
  • Thermal Protection - Either a wet suit, semi-dry, or dry suit, to maintain the divers body temperature underwater.
  • Computer - An electronic device which calculates the Nitrogen loading of the diver, depending on the depth and exposure time.

Training in the correct use of this equipment is vital for safe diving.