A diver who is comprehensively trained, experienced and responsible and is qualified to organise and lead a wide range of adventurous and challenging diving activities. An Advanced Diver can manage and supervise all branch diving activities including branch expeditions, the exploration of unfamiliar locations, and the managing of dives using developing technology and techniques.

Shown below are the critierias required to obtain the grade of Advanced Diver.

AT1 - Classroom Lesson - The Role of the Advanced Diver

AT2 - Classroom Lesson - Advanced Diving

AT3 - Classroom Lesson - Organising Diving from different 


AP1 - Dry Practical Lesson - Expedition Planning

AT4 - Classroom Lesson - Review of Diving Conditions & On-Site

                                       First Aid

AO1 - Open Water Lesson - Diving & Rescue Skills Review

AO2 - Open Water Lesson - Rescue Skills & Management Review

AP2 - Dry Practical Lesson - Dive Management & Planning

Theory Assessment

To ensure that student receive experience in a range of conditions, the Open Water dives must include the conditions from the following list. To ensure consolidation of the experience requirements, each of the conditions should be experienced on at least three dives.

Planned Decompression

Dive in Tidal Waters

Drift Dive

In addition, a further 6 dives should include at least 3 of the following conditions:-

Navigation Dive

Search Dive

No Clear Surface Dive

Mixed Gas Dive

Advanced Decompression Dive

Surface Location Dive

Students must also  carry out a number of qualifying dives under the following conditions:-

10off Dives from Boats

10off Dive Leading Dives

6off Dives with a depth greater than 30metres.

Students must also Manage all diving under the following conditions:-

1off Two Day Dive

2off Unknown Dive Sites

2off Known/ Unknown Dive Sites

advanced diver