dive leader

A diver who has the skill & level of knowledge to participate in and lead a range of adventurous dives including those requiring detailed dive, breathing gas and decompression planning to a depth not exceeding 50m. A Dive Leader also has rescue management skills.

Shown below are the critierias required to obtain the grade of Dive Leader

DT1 - Classroom Lesson - The Role of the Dive Leader

DO1 - Open Water Lesson - DSMB Use

DO2 - Open Water Lesson - Dive Leader Demonstration

DO3 - Open Water Lesson - Dive Leading Practice

DT2 - Classroom Lesson - Basic Life Support

DT3 - Classroom Lesson - Oxygen & Diving Incidents

DT4 - Classroom Lesson - Casualty Assessment

DT5 - Classroom Lesson - Oxygen Administration Equipment

DT6 - Classroom Lesson - Oxygen Administration in Practice

DT7 - Classroom Lesson - Use of Oxygen Administration Equipment

DT8 - Classroom Lesson - Dive Planning

D04 - Open Water Lesson - Shot Recovery by Simple Lift

DT9 - Rescue Management Part 1

D05 - Open Water Lesson - Rescue Management Scenarios

DT10 - Classroom Lesson - Helicopter Operations

DT11 - Rescue Management Part 2

D06 - Open Water Lesson - Diving & Rescue Skills Review

D07 - Open Water Lesson - Rescue Skills Review

DT12 - Classroom Lesson - The Role of the Dive Manager

Theory Assessment

DP1 - Dry Practical Lesson - Dive Management 1

DP2 - Dry Practical Lesson - Dive Management 2

To ensure that student receive experience in a range of conditions, the Open Water dives must include five conditions from the following, appropriate to the local conditions in which they will subsequently be diving.

Planned Decompression

Navigation Dive

Low Visibility Dive

Night Dive

Wreck Dive

Drift Dive

Wall Dive

Minimum of twenty dives / 600 min confirmed since qualifying as Sport Diver.

In addition,Students must carry out a number of qualifying dives under the following conditions:-

6off Dives from Boats

8off Dive Leading Dives

10off Dives with a depth greater than 25metres.