Club favourite dive sites include:-


Hen & Chicks - South St Brides Bay
Stack Rock - St Brides Bay
Martins Haven - Dale Peninsula
Stackpole Quay
Ramsey Island
St Brides
Abereiddy Blue Lagoon (I like it, even if no one else does)

South Coast of England


Meadfoot - Shag Rock
Fairy Cove
Scylla Wreck
James Egan Lane Wreck
Swanage Pier
Emsstrom Wreck (45min Braille Dive. Felt it but didn't see it!)


Of course the purpose of all this training is to allow safe diving.

Thanks to Atlantic storms stirring up nutrients, and the Gulf Stream, the UK has a diverse marine ecosystem for divers to explore.

TADSAC organises regular dives mostly off Pembrokshire or the south coast of England.

Some dive sites are accessible within swimming distance from the waters edge, with other sites requiring a RIB to get to and from the dive location. Either way, dives are conducted as stipulated by BSAC's Safe Diving practices.

Any dive must be approved by the Club's Diving Officer as being suitable for the divers level of experience. A Dive Manager is  appointed to run the slate, and ensure that procedures are being adhered to on the day.

Safety is paramount on any dive outing .A First Aid Kit and 100% O2 kit is taken on every club dive. If open water / weather conditions are not suitable, the dive is called off - simple as.