The annual membership costs at TADSAC are:-

£230 for full membership.

£120 for abated membership. (where 2 members share a residence, and the 1st member pays full fees).

£50 for students

Included in the above costs are:-

  • All training (Theory & Practical) for the year.
  • Pool entrance fees for the year.
  • BSAC Membership fee of £56.50.
  • Monthly subscription to BSAC Dive Magazine
  • Worldwide 3rd party liability insurance
  • Access to BSAC Regional Training Events
  • BSAC partner discount on Travel, Insurance etc
  • Use of club kit for pool training.
  • Cylinder air fills during pool training
  • Personal use of the club ribs. (Upon completion of a boat handling course, and subject to committee approval)

BSAC Membership requires the completion of a Medical Self Declaration Form. Certain medical conditions will require a Medical Referee's Certificate stating your fitness to dive. This requirement is to not only safeguard yourself, but also your dive buddy.

Any medical conditions that may impede diving must be declared to the club committee. For more information regarding diving with particular medical conditions, please Click Here.

As your training progresses, Student Packs will be required for each Diver Grade. These pack can only be purchased through the club, at cost, from BSAC.

Ocean Diver Pack - £40 plus P&P
Sports Diver Pack - £19 plus P&P
Dive Leader Pack  - £30 plus P&P
Advanced Diver Pack - £19 plus P&P

For more information regarding Training Packs, please Click Here.