To ensure that student receive experience in a range of conditions, the Open Water dives must include four conditions from the following, appropriate to the local conditions in which they will subsequently be diving.

Shore Dive

Dive using Nitrox 32% or 36%

Low Visibility Dive

Drift Dive

Small Boat Dive

Large Boat Dive

Wall Dive

Dive in Protective Clothing

Maximum Depth achieved in Training

Minimum of four/five dives - 120 min of O/W lessons confirmed.

Post Qualification Depth Progression to 20metres

Ocean Diver

A Diver who can participate in dives not requiring mandatory decompression stops, in controlled open water conditions and under the supervision of a Dive Manager, to a depth not exceeding 20m.

Shown below are the critierias required to obtain the grade of Ocean Diver

Self Declaration of Fitness to Dive

OT1 - Classroom Lesson - Ocean Diver Training

OS1 - Sheltered Water Lesson - Being Underwater

OT2 - Classroom Lesson - Diving Equipment & Diving Signals

OS2 - Sheltered Water Lesson - Basic Skills

OT3 - Classroom Lesson - The Body & Effects of Diving

OS3 - Sheltered Water Lesson - Developing Skills

OT4 - Classroom Lesson - Planning to go Diving

OS4 - Sheltered Water Lesson - Beyond Basics

OT5 - Classroom Lesson - Going Diving

OS5 - Sheltered Water Lesson - Safety Skills

OT6 - Classroom Lesson - What happens if......?

Swimming Assessment

001 - Open Water Lesson - The First Open Water Dive

OT7 - Classroom Lesson - Enjoying your Diving

002 - Open Water Lesson - The Second Open Water Dive

003 - Open Water Lesson - The Third Open Water Dive

004 - Open Water Lesson - The Fourth Open Water Dive

Theory Assessment

005 - Open Water Lesson - The Fifth Open Water Dive