A diver who can dive in a wider range of open water conditions and has the skills to provide Basic Life Support. A Sports Diver can participate in dives requiring mandatory decompression stops to a depth not exceeding 35m.

Shown below are the critierias required to obtain the grade of Sports Diver

Sports Diver

To ensure that student receive experience in a range of conditions, the Open Water dives must include four conditions from the following, appropriate to the local conditions in which they will subsequently be diving.

Shore Dive

Dive using a Breathing Gas >21% O2

Dive using a Shot Line

Low Visibility Dive

Drift Dive

Small Boat Dive

Large Boat Dive

Wall Dive

Dive in Protective Clothing

Minimum of five dives / 150 min confirmed since qualifying as Ocean Diver

ST1 - Classroom Lesson - Sports Diving

ST2 - Classroom Lesson - Diver Rescue

SS1 - Sheltered Water Lesson - Rescue Skills

S01 - Open Water Lesson - Diver Rescue

ST3 - Classroom Lesson - Equipment & Techniques

ST4 - Classroom Lesson - Deeper Diving

SO2 - Open Water Lesson - Use of SMB (Surface Marker Buoy)

SO3 - Open Water Lesson - Simulated Decompression Dive

ST5 - Classroom Lesson - Breathing Gas Planning and Systems

SO4 - Open Water Lesson - Compass Navigation / DSMB   


ST6 - Classroom Lesson - Going Diving

S05 - Open Water Lesson - Dive Leading / Basic Skills Review

Theory Assessment

SP1 - Dry Practical Lesson - Assisstant Dive Manager